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music in the valley

Music in the Valley

A Charity Concert for Sapphire Valley's core restautants with music venues.

When our state and county turned all our restaurants into take out/curb service only – it immediately threw dozens of our wait staff, kitchen staff and bar tenders out of work.
Additionally, all the musicians we have come to love and enjoy weekly were suddenly out of a gig.
*Our core restaurants with music venues are Table 64, Cork and Barrel Lounge, Micas and SlopeSide Taver. Three of these restaurants are closed and the other is take out only.
Not only is Sapphire Valley blessed with amazing chefs preparing great food, bartenders mixing and pouring our favorites drinks, but amazing musicians that in their hearts – love to play music and love to entertain us!
So, with our good friend and musician Tina Eno, we pulled together some of our valley musicians to help create a virtual concert for you!
100% of your donations (less any credit card fee) will go directly to these out of work employees!
As soon as we receive donations, we will distribute the money to these unemployed friends.
Please donate!
We will run this fund raiser until our food and beverage industry is back on their feet, here in Sapphire Valley!
Again, thank you very much for helping !!